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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pirate ship and a mystical creature

by Benjamin, age 7

by Morgan, age 5

Whew, it's been a long day. Just finished answering e-mails - I try to get to them as often as I can or they start getting too numerous and unwieldy. And before I toddle off to bed, I want to post about a couple of recent projects. Colleen sent me drawings by her nephew and niece as well as several footnotes. The pirate ship is pretty straightforward, but I sure was glad for the clarification of the drawing by Morgan. It's a mystical creature, with black spots on its body, like a cow, multiple legs, whiskers around the mouth and a bunny drawing on its back (like a tattoo?) Now, I could have told you it was a unicorn, but then a preconceived notion or an image might have popped into your head. If you look closely at her drawing, you can see another, fainter drawing of a horse-like unicorn in the background - done by someone else, showing her how it's done? Clearly, that's not what young Morgan had in mind. When she unwraps it at christmas, ooooh, I wish I could see her reaction. Will this softie satisfy Morgan's imagination adequately?


Andi said...

I just adore seeing all the little things you make! You are truly making little kids' dreams come true.... your vision bringing theirs to life is so wonderful! Beautiful job with Morgan's creature! (And the ship, of course!)

Colleen said...

Colleen here. Yes, that is actually the faint outline of a unicorn that I drew for Morgan on the back of the paper. She asked me what a unicorn looked like and I tried my best. Morgan explained all of the details of her drawing to me when she was done. She made sure to point out the whiskers and that it was "spotted like a cow." I think the softie came out super cute. I'll do my best to take a picture when she opens her Christmas present.

Misha said...

I would love to see that photo of her opening the gift!

Beautiful work.

Wendy T. said...

Yes! Please do send me photos of the artists with their pirate ship and unicorn. Thanks!

Kati said...

Haha, I love the mystical Unicorn-Centipede-Seal-Creature! But is that really a bunny-tattoo? My very first thought was, that it is a person (head with eyes on the left side, legs to the right) that maybe is INSIDE of the creature. Of course I don't believe that such a friendly animal swallows people! But then the solution came to my mind: The unicorn had a gingerbread man for dinner! So please remind little Colleen of feeding her new friend with some christmas cookies as soon as he comes out of the box.

Greetings from Germany,