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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The final lap

by Anna, 4

Guess what? I'm in the final week of softiemaking. The home stretch! And my little sewing machine that I bought at London Drugs four years ago, is now sick! I've cleaned it, oiled it, replaced the needle and re-threaded it, and finally took it to a sewing repair shop only to find that the cost of servicing it would be more than what I paid for it. The same model is still available at LD, but I really don't like the idea of disposable sewing machines.

Luckily I have a spare, an old Beaumark that I bought off a friend for $40 a few years ago. This one will hopefully see me through the last few orders.

Today, a seventy-nine year old grandmother came to help me with some hand-stitching. We sat on my sofa in the afternoon sun, sewing together little red and yellow felt fruits, and we chatted and she shared news and highlights from her recent trip to her village in the Italian alps.

by Jayden, age 5

Unfortunately, I don't get many social opportunities like this in my softiemaking. It's usually just me, a radio and a chugging sewing machine. It's been a couple of months of feeling like I've been pedalling my sewing machine non-stop (inside a pressure cooker), and although I love this work, I am looking forward to the last order on the list. When this last order is done, wrapped up and shipped out, there will be a small exhalation before I turn my attention to all the things that have been calling for my attention: the clutter in our house, the garden, cobwebs on my ceiling, winterizing our car, a haircut, and holiday preparations with my family.

Aren't these cars cute? The yellow one went to Kiev, Ukraine, and I'm hoping it's made it there safely. Jayden's vibrant car has tiny rear tires beneath the enormous purple striped spoiler. Maybe by the time Jayden is old enough to drive, cars will look like that.


Gio said...

Go Wendy go!!! You can do it!!

mermaidsdrown said...

I love your toys, I think it is a wonderufl idea and it really captures the child's imagination in a solid form. You are extremely talented! One day I will have to order one of your creations x