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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beet Boy

I really like getting drawings by older boys. Because I have the challenge of making a doll, ahem, softie for a BOY. How do I make sure that the final product looks "cool" enough for their discerning taste?

Well, you have to start with a cool drawing:

by Jackson, age 9

"Beet Boy vs Licorice Man" got Jackson top prize in a school art contest. I love that he created a superhero with a root vegetable - how imaginative is that? Note his beet-like helmet and his arsenal of beets. Luckily, I found a great cotton print with lightning that looked almost like roots.

Don't mess with Beet Boy!


Misha said...

A root vegetable, yes. Fantastic drawing and softie!

EricaRie said...

I LOVE what you are doing!! I can't wait to have you do one for my daughter!! Unfortunately she is only 2.5 yr old right now and not old enough to really draw anythign, or be excited about seeing her own drawing "come to life". So PLEASE still be doing this in another 2 years!!!! PLEASE!!!! :)

Anonymous said...