"You know, he was always like a fish out of water around her...poor Lumpers, never mind, I says, plenty more fish in the sea, plenty more."

Thursday, March 31, 2011

(Wendy Tsao 2009)

You know how we sometimes see shapes in clouds and faces in rocks? Sometimes I see "letters" on my walk in the park, sending me small subliminal messages.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Like To Make Stuff

Not another blog! And it's not even like I can promise you a GREAT blog full of nuggets of wisdom, or mind-boggling creations, or knee-slapping LOL humor. I won't be giving you the latest on celebrity gossip or politics or sports. You won't expect to find nifty inventions for the environment or great recipes or book reviews. Don't look here for news of the weird - you know what I mean: Man's Finger Bitten Off At California Health-Care Protest. No, nothing like that.

I just like to make stuff. And if you're interested to see what I've been working on, well, then make sure you drop by, often or once in a while, whenever, I'll be here.