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Friday, November 4, 2011

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Suddenly I have "followers"! Over there in the right bar, there's a collection of little photos of people who've joined this blog and are smiling at me, wondering, "what does she have to show us today?"

Or, what does she have to say?

Once, things used to be pretty quiet. I'd average about 200-300 monthly visitors to my website, and I'd receive maybe 5 orders a month, if I did some marketing. At one point, I began looking for another job.

Last month, I had over 70,000 visitors. I never expected this. My family never expected this. My web host never expected it. I've had to turn away orders, or ask them to come back in January. I'm working away like a mad-woman, in a self-imposed sweatshop. I haven't figured out how to hire help, because it was so all of a sudden.

I also hear that Child's Own Studio has been in national newspapers in other countries, and recently was found in the corner of The Approval Matrix in The New York Magazine (in the right corner!). All the nice comments that people send me are making my head swell up so that soon, I won't be able to fit through a door.

So, it's a good thing that I'm busy sewing up softies, because I wouldn't know what to do otherwise.

At the same time, I know that this is just my 15 minutes of fame. What I've been doing for the last four years is a fresh and novel idea to others, something that they are just hearing about. But sometime, next month, next year, it'll be old news. Or, others will start to do the same thing, custom making soft toys in countries where labour is cheaper: I can already hear them oiling up their sewing machines in eastern Europe. And then I won't be able to compete. And the deluge of e-mails from almost-desperate people with their drawings will abate. And once again, it will be quiet.

drawing of cat by Mauro


Misha said...

Your work is inspiring and inspired. So, while it may get quiet. You have brought something to this world which it so desperately needs and in doing so, you have made it a better place.

Thank you for that.

Misha said...

AGH, an incomplete sentence! Pass more coffee? :)

Marion Boddy-Evans said...

What will always differentiate you is your creativity, technical sewing skill, and sustainability/endurance. Imitators will come and go, as has happened in the "Painting a Day" sphere.

Kate said...

Spoke too soon! I love it.