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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Would you believe that these cushions were created by over 55 working pairs of hands? Lorna contacted me with the idea of making cushions as end of year gifts for her sons' teachers. The image was taken from a plate that the school children had illustrated with self-portraits. The hand-drawn faces are so sweet.

I used Strathmore iron-on transfer sheets to reproduce the image on fabric. The little face is Lorna's younger son's self portrait and I hand-embroidered his name (for Lorna's cushion), but for the teachers' names in the center, I enlisted the help of Carole Conlin, a crafty lady with an embroidery machine. I'm not a quilter nor a seamstress. I like making soft toys, which is a somewhat different activity, but I also enjoy learning new crafty things. I really liked that this project was the sum of many parts.

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