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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Patchy Patch

Forty years ago, before I was attending school (that's telling something), I'd watch Mr. Dress Up, The Friendly Giant, and Sesame Street, back to back episodes provided by CBC, on our little black and white tv. There were also a couple of other children's programs like Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo on the american networks. Today's children have a hundred more programs to choose from, and they can watch them via cable television or the Internet. There are dedicated networks for children and a vast array of edu-tainment options, which include programs from other countries.

I watched a couple of Toopy and Binoo episodes on the Internet to check out Patchy Patch, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the storytelling - very cute and imaginative.

What programs did you watch when you were little?

***update*** Sorry, I will no longer make Patchy Patch or any other trademarked or licensed characters. Please send me your child's drawings instead!


Stella said...

I watched Chez Helene in the line up with Mr. Dressup. There was Suzette the mouse and a clock. And I watched
the cartoon Wizard of Oz, made in 1960 and didn't understand a word of it, but the shapes of the characters and the patterns of the backgrounds intrigued me. Then at the very end, when the credits rolled up, the wizard would get sucked up into his
hat and that always blew my mind.

Anonymous said...

i would like to order a patchy patch doll, how do i do that,ive been looking for this for a while, it is amazing,please email me as soon as you can, thank you

Ranson said...

My daugther turns 3 Jan 21. Could you have a patchy patch doll made for then?

mumof4bs said...

I would LOVE to order a Patchy patch doll. I was going to attempt to make one but, yours is unbelievable!! How would I go about ordering one and how much?

amo said...

I would like to order a patchy patch doll.
How do go about doing that?

Kiki Creations - Children's Gifts and Accessories said...

i understand you are not taking orders for christmas.... but could you please tell me how to order one for whenever your available to make one? and how much they are?

thanks so much!!!
cant wait to hear from you!