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Thursday, June 23, 2011

home improvement

I live with my husband and son in a little red townhouse near the river. There are 36 homes in the complex, as well as lots of birds, dogs, cats and a family of raccoons. That's my son playing with his best friend, who lives next door. There's my husband, Gio, barbecuing, and there's me in front of the door working away with a mitre saw. What the heck am I doing with a mitre saw, you ask? Well, it's time for home improvement projects! There are 3 things in our little home that have been bugging me lately (really, there are more, but these three are at the top of The List of Nagging Items) and I'm going to tackle them in the next little while.

The three items are:

1) See the gap above the cabinets? My kitchen is missing the crown mouldings. Four years ago, we renovated our little kitchen, hiring a handyman (Greg Ross) and various subcontractors and doing a fair bit of the work ourselves, and it just went on and on. Finally, we ran out of steam and said we'd do the mouldings later...that was 4 years ago!!

2) The futon in our tv room is a sagging, tired old beast. Time to buy a replacement? Or what could I do to revive it?

3) Finally, my dining room needs help. It's a bland room, with heavy, formal-ish mahogany furniture. It feels dark and during the winter, it's a cold, cold place.

So there we have it. Three projects. One person on a mission.

Off I go!

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Gio said...

and one project is already almost done!

Great picture, I downloaded it for my desktop.