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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mouldings Check!


I rented the mitre saw from the Home Depot. It scared me, but I was mighty careful as I used it. I realised that my original plan of using 1 1/2" L-shaped pre-primed mouldings and gluing them to the top of the cabinets was a bust only after spending the whole day cutting all the pieces. I even began to suspect about halfway that it would not work, but I only admitted defeat at the end, after cutting all the strips and gluing them. Carpenter's glue does not bond (well) to painted surfaces.

Sooooo, I went back to the Depot to pick up some 2x3's which I cut after supper, and then I screwed them to the top of the cabinets. This method worked much better, but it meant that I had to empty all the cupboards which I had hoped to avoid with the gluing method. But, I made more work for myself in the end. Ha! Lesson learned.


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Gio said...

Looks FANTASTIC! Really, it does. Nice job.