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Friday, October 7, 2011

Inebriated Giraffe

by Charlotte, age 7

Charlotte likes to draw. And she drew some very fine animals which she showed her mother, explaining that she wanted these for Christmas. "She had even offered a few ideas about how these animals could come to be, hoping at first that they might be found in a store and then suggesting that a relative or I could sew them." (Caroline, mom)

Her mother found me...

They all came out nicely, except the giraffe. Because of its long body and thin legs, it had a tendency to swoon or slip down into the splits, like it was sloshed. (Maybe that's why the animals are smirking) I didn't think Charlotte would appreciate an unsteady giraffe, so I undid the stitches and reinforced the legs with some wire, and now the giraffe is firm on her feet.

Don't they look like characters in a story?


psychemuse said...

They do look like characters from a story- they kind that would be well loved and cherished by generations. I was just introduced to your site and I have to say that seeing you bring these drawings to life gives me pure joy. Also, I've tried to figure out making softies from 2-d pictures and it's HARD! So much appreciation here.

Dave Goliath said...

I randomly stumbled onto your blog and this is one of the cutest things ive ever seen. What a lucky kid.