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Sunday, October 16, 2011

If you know Eleanor, don't tell her mother about her Christmas gift.

by Eleanor, age 5

When Eleanor sent me her drawing, one that she did over twenty years ago, I commented on how nice the family looked with their colourful ear muffs. She then replied that they were not earmuffs, but actually ears! She went on to explain that the set of dolls would be a gift for her mother who has always loved this drawing, especially the detail of one of Eleanor's father's leg being shorter than the other, following surgery for an injury during the war. Finally she added that whenever her mother used to comment about the lack of arms, Eleanor would reply that they were behind their backs.

So, I had a great time making these dolls, with the ears, shortened leg, and arms behind their backs. Her father who had passed away, used to be "a demon for polishing (his shoes) all the time." So I made his shoes with black shiny satin.


Ashley said...

That's really sweet and such a great gift idea! They look so cute!

Tan in a tree is me said...

these are really clever :)