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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chicken Little

by Naomi, age 5

Isn't this a cute drawing? This is the kind of drawing that I get excited about.

Until I had to figure out how to make the legs support the chick's bodies...hmmm.

Wire? Reinforced fabric piping? No, wood. I took a clothes pin, snapped it apart, drilled 5/32 holes and glued the hardwood dowels into them. Then I connected the top of the two legs with another small piece of wood (taken from an old yardstick.) The top little chick's legs are made of paper-wrapped floral wire.

Happy Birthday Naomi!


Leaf said...

love your works .
children always inspired us .

Gary Locke said...

BRILLIANT IDEA!!!!! i used to like to take my kids art and make a painting or highly rendered drawing-(i being an illustrator) but YOU are taking ithem to a higher level!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!