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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back from fishing

Whew! I'm glad these little guys are done. And I'm glad to have finally dealt with all the e-mails in my inbox. Hopefully I didn't overlook anyone. These days, Child's Own Studio is still getting a lot of attention and visitors from around the world (cool!) - my bandwidth limit was reached again on Sept. 10th, but my very kind superhost at Cheeky Penguin added some more bandwidth for me - grazie mille George!

I've also been getting a few enquiries from people who send me their own wonderful designs of characters to be made into soft toys or dolls. In the past, I undertook a couple of these projects, and I have found that making a toy from an adult's drawing, which is very detailed and full of specifications, is not as enjoyable and rewarding (for me), in fact, it's usually more labour intensive and stressful, as I strive to make it turn out exactly proportioned as per drawing. A child's drawing leaves me room for my interpretation as well as room for pure whimsy, and that's why I much prefer working from children's drawings. And I also believe that the creations from children's drawings are what most visitors are interested in seeing when they come by my website or this blog.

I have also, in the past(even recently) made a couple of trade-marked characters, which is very likely a legal no-no. While these projects are great learning experiences for me, I have to say that I also feel the same way - I don't enjoy doing them as much. So, why do I do it? Suffice it to say, I have a soft spot for children with special needs.

So, please. Kind people, please send me drawings of original subject matter by your children - children do have great imagination. And together, we can make wonderful things!

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