"You know, he was always like a fish out of water around her...poor Lumpers, never mind, I says, plenty more fish in the sea, plenty more."

Monday, May 9, 2011


This is Ava.

Ava was embarrassed with her arms. She thought they were too skinny, and she would wear long sleeve shirts or sweaters just to cover them up. She never knew that other girls secretly envied her ballerina body, and no one knew that she didn't like her arms. One day, Ava found an orange scarf at a yard sale, and she bought it for fifty cents. On the way home, people kept looking at her. Some nice lady on the bus told her she was very pretty. Ava couldn't believe she heard right, but she was too confused and shy to ask for clarification. She ran home and looked at herself in the mirror. It's the scarf, Ava thought, it must be magic.